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As South Africans, we are very proud to announce that Ndaba Mandela from Africa Rising and grandson of the late Nelson Mandela, has been invited by SAGEGlobal to act as SAGE’s global ambassador. He is also the keynote speaker at the next SAGE World Cup, which will be in Seoul, South Korea in 2015.

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What is SAGE?

Are you a teenager with a great small business and a thousand ideas about how to grow it into an empire with a green footprint and a social consciousness?

Or is your passion reaching out to the community and creating social entrepreneurial enterprises to bring about change wherever you can reach?

Then SAGE is exactly what you have been looking for!

SAGE = Students (13-19 year olds) for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship.

SAGE is an international nonprofit corporation dedicated to teenage entrepreneurs. Our youth entrepreneurship programme bridges two divides. The first divide is among schools, universities and the private sector. The second divide is across countries where we reach out to learn more from other teenage entrepreneurs from all across the world.

Teams of at least three teenagers per team work with an entrepreneurial adult ally (e.g. a teacher, business leader or sponsoring organisation) and compete on regional and national level in one of two categories: SRB (Socially Responsible Business) or SEB (Social Enterprise Business). The best team in each category represents their country at the annual International SAGE World Cup.

SAGE works with volunteers who guide the teenagers into creating businesses that are financially sound, socially and environmentally aware and sustainable. In the process they hone other skills such as creating an inspiring marketing strategy, working with mass media, creating financial reports, working with multimedia presentations and dealing with Q & A without breaking a sweat!

SAGE South Africa has sent teams to the SAGE World Cup for a number of years, and have been ranked in the top five various times. There is an established interest and presence in various parts of the country. If there isn’t a SAGE branch in your area – well, now is a great time to start one! We’ll help you do just that.

If you are interested in joining us or want to ask us anything about SAGE, please let us know on the “Contact Us” page.

You can also download the SAGE Handbook 2014-2015 and find out more about SAGE across the world from the SAGEGlobal website.

You are also welcome to follow the SAGE generation on Twitter, or like our Facebook Page, have us in your Google+ circles, or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Remember Robert F. Kennedy’s words: “There are those who look at things the way they are,
and ask why … I dream of things that never were, and ask why not.”

SAGE World Cup 2015, Moscow, Russia: Opening Ceremony

SAGE World Cup 2015, Moscow, Russia: Tour of Moscow

SAGE World Cup 2015, Moscow, Russia: Culture Day

SAGE World Cup 2015, Moscow, Russia: Team Competitions

SAGE World Cup 2015, Moscow, Russia: Awards Ceremony


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